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Log titles should start with the OOC date, in the form: (2017-08-23) Log Title

Our Logs

(3018-01-17) Illicit Race
Summary: Zee partakes in the illicit Race Date: January 3018 Dice rolls excluded for...

(3018-01-13) Salian City Pro Circuit
Summary: Zee competes in the starting race of the MSTRA pro circuit for 3018, encounters an old...

(3018-01-12) Steak at a Stake out
Summary: Katie (NPC played by Zee) offers a little moonlighting work to Andy Date: 3018-01-12 ...

(3018-01-12) Deal of a Lifetime
Summary: Zee has a strange encounter before the main racing event in Salian City Date: IC Date ...

(3018-01-05) The Heat is On
Summary: Zee races in a qualifying heat to enter the MSTRA circuit race at the Epime Track in Salian...

(3018-01-05) Following Protocol
Summary: A response to Salian City, Andy and Katie (NPC played by Zee) have an encounter with...

(3018-01-04) You Do You
Summary: Andy runs into up-and-coming MagneTrack racer Zee Date: Jan 4, 3018 Morning...

Use In-Game Logger

Create Logger

'@create <logger>' - replace logger with one word (logger, signpost, johnslogger.

'drop <logger>' - it will show up in rooms desc.

'+log/make <logger>' - sets up everything that is needed for the logger to work.

Using In-Game logger

For a list of all commands for the logger: '+help +logger'

The most pertinent are:

+log/on <logger> - simple enough, this starts taking in emits, and poses. It will remove channel, pages and OOC comments.
+log/off <logger> - turn it off (can be turned on to to continue a scene later.

+log/show <logger> - Displays the entire log, can be shortened (ie +log/show <logger>=5 Shows the last five poses.
+log/wiki <logger> - Displays entire log with most wiki formatting in place.

+log/wipe <logger> - clears the log history to make it ready for a new scene.

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