Ephemeris Erudition

The last centuries have been spent colonizing our Solar system. We were alone among the stars, but we had so much room in our solar system. This allowed us to save Earth, reverse climate change, and we made is sustainable. We've made habitats and homes on the planets and their moons. Cities on each, with space to breathe, to find beauty. Culture flourished for these centuries.

Until the Curselings came, they quickly conquered Actium, the capital of Neptune. Where they went, Curse followed, The lands, the waters, the people even were Cursed, the landscape suitable to them in their wake.

Unified by the Council of Planets, we'd lived for centuries with little need for armies and soldiers. How wrong we were. The Curselings defeat us quickly within a few short years, capturing and claiming the Neptune system; first its colonized moon of Triton and then those floating cities and outposts in the atmosphere of the icy gas planet.

It is not long after this that we learned magic was real. As foretold in legends of the past, by those myths we called mages, with the return of Magic so to have they returned. The Society of the Sacred emerge from a mysterious portal on Titan. In Salian City, the capital of Saturn, they arrive to say the seeds of legend are among the people and they begin a quest to help identify the bloodlines of legendary figures, each said to be born with gifts to learn and wield what we would call magic.

They explain to us that our myths were real. They came before us and in their time they stopped this threat to Earth in ancient history. As magic has returned to our worlds, they are beginning to awaken again.

Phenoms begin to express the capability to utilize and shape raw magics and their counterparts, the Adroits can imbue magic into weapons and technology. These children of legend are trained at exclusive colleges to shape magic or create artifacts to help us gain the edge over this new invasion and save our solar system.

OOC Notice

With very limited interest, Staffer Jack is going to try to focus on a regular campaign, OTT (on-line table top) style. The time frame for this will be Fridays during the Day. We will work on a best time, but he is available during the day from ~8:30 AM to ~5PM, we'll figure a 4'ish hour slot in there to run regular adventures once we have a group of interested players.

RP will/may occur outside of this, and sandbox style play is welcome.

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